Cox Voice  

With over 25 years in the voice business, Bryan can supply you with the right voice for your product or character. You've heard Bryan's voice on a ton of Radio and TV commercials . Even if you're not sure how to write the perfect commercial script for your business , Bryan can help you out one one at no extra charge.

Here are a few demos of Bryan's voice work from the past . Have a listen and let us know what you think....




Movie Trailer Demo - Bryan Cox
Animation Voice Demo - Bryan Cox
Narration Voice Demo - Bryan Cox
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CommercialBryan Cox
Imaging and Promo - Bryan Cox
To T or not to T - Bryan Cox
They let me do all the voices, except the female on this Sasktel ad. 
"Boxes" Cox Voice

"Boxes" Cox Voice

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I was so honoured to voice the TV/Theatre release. The Last Steamship is a part of Canadian History. Here's a clip...